Review Policy

Hey there everyone! If you're here, you're probably wondering how to go about requesting a review from me. Thank you so much, and I look forward to corresponding!

I'm open to review requests. I'm only open to print books as of right now. It takes me too long to review e-books so I'm holding off on them for right now. I will accept poetry only e-books.

Genres I Accept


Genres I Don't Accept

-Strictly romance (a little romance is okay as long as it's not the whole plot)

Any other genre I haven't listed, I might be open to. Just shoot me an e-mail at and we'll talk it over!

If you have a specific date you'd like me to post on or before, make sure to tell me what day so I can schedule my reading around that. If you don't give me a specific day, I can't guarantee when the review will be out unless the book is an ARC. 

If I didn't enjoy a book, I will most likely only post the review on Goodreads and Amazon and not on my main blog. I will explain why I liked what I did, and why I didn't like it, but I will never criticize the author unless it's something problematic that needs to be expressed.

I am open to hosting giveaways or joining blog tours as long as the book is a physical ARC.

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